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How to Cat Proof the Litter Box


Cat Proof The Litter Box

When it comes to cat care, tending to the litter box is probably the least popular chore. One of the main reasons is having to deal with waste material. Another major factor is how messy and inefficient the process tends to be.

Let’s be realistic, if you have a litter box that contains yucky cat mess, it will probably still be a chore you don’t like. But in reality, it can be made to take considerably less time and create minimal mess.

Combine Scooping and Bagging into a Single Step

Though it may be difficult to imagine at first, these two actions can be combined into a simple and easy operation. The Neater Scooper Cat Litter Scoop is a good example of how this is possible. The scooper and bag are part of the same unit, so you don’t have to hold onto the bag with one hand as you scoop.

Nor do you have to worry about the contents of the scooper spilling over onto the surrounding area. It’s fast, easy, and reduces the amount of mess you have to deal with. Feel better?

Maybe Try a Trap Door

This idea actually has two functions: purchasing a litter box with the “trap door feature” reduces the mess and gives your cat privacy. Cats aren’t shy about a lot of things, but there are a large number that don’t like to be watched when doing their business.

A trap door gives them privacy. It also makes it a lot harder for your cat to make a mess around the litter box because the walls are higher than normal. Using a litter box will always include some mess, but the trap door helps to keep most of the litter box contents in the box.

If you also have a dog, there is a third benefit. This type of litter box makes it much harder for the dog to get to the litter. It can be maddening to find that the dog has gotten into the litter box again and spread litter all around the house. Sometimes cat care, and the litter box… can be more about dog-proofing than anything else!

Use the Right Kind of Litter Box Bags

It’s easy to feel justified in using old grocery bags, or cheapo garbage bags, for the litter box. You may feel like it saves some bucks, but in the long run, it probably works against you.

For starters, those bags don’t stand up to a cat’s claws very well. Cats are going to be scratching and pawing around the litter box and the bags are going to rip. When you go to clean the litter box, it’s going to get messy! Go with something sturdy and save time in the long run.

Put the Litter Box Somewhere Calm

This one is more about the location of the box than the box itself, but it is still an excellent way to reduce the mess. Cats are notoriously easy to distract, so it’s best to have the litter box somewhere that is less exciting.

If you spend a lot of time in the laundry room or have the machines going constantly, consider moving the litter box somewhere with less traffic and distractions.

Granted, you are probably somewhat limited in your choice for litter box locations (you don’t want it on carpet or in your bedroom, yikes!) but if you can find somewhere remote, that might just help reduce the mess.

We love our cats too much to be stressed about pet care. Use these tips to make the litter box cat proof, and what used to be a chore, won’t feel like one.

How to Care for Cats and Dogs in Winter


Care for dogs and cats in winter

If you happen to live in an area which gets the full brunt of winter weather during the early part of the year, you probably already know a thing or two about preparing for the onslaught of cold and yucky weather.

However, sometimes feline and canine members of the family can be overlooked during our thorough prep work for winter. It’s a good time to cover a few winter pet care tips to help ensure your four-legged friends make it through the season safe and sound.

The Season for Indoor Cats (and Dogs)

Whether you have a dog, a cat, or both, you probably know the look: pleading eyes, standing by the door, eager to go and explore the great outdoors. Both dogs and cats love to go outside for various reasons, but winter is a good time to minimize outdoor time.

Cold weather is dangerous for pets, just like it is for everyone else, and freezing temperatures can lead to acute and chronic health issues. Use your best judgement. If the temperature seems uncomfortable and potentially hazardous for humans, it probably is for your cat or dog as well!

A Well-Fed Pet is a Healthy Pet

Harsh winter weather, including the bitter cold that comes with the season, makes offering plenty of food and water a necessity. For healthy dogs and cats, it is not a bad idea to provide a bit more food than usual, as well as a constant supply of fresh water. Of course, good feeding requires a quality cat or dog feeder that will keep your pet’s food and water neat and accessible.

Proper Protection for the Wintry Outdoors

Naturally, you can’t keep your pets cooped up all winter long, as proper pet care necessitates regular outdoor jaunts, especially for dogs. The following are some solid steps you can take to prepare your pet for winter conditions outside:

  • Before taking pets outside, give your home’s immediate area a quick examination, especially your driveway. Antifreeze or other automotive fluids are obviously a danger, as are patches of ice.
  • Booties provide great protection from snow, slush, ice, road salt and other winter hazards. Booties that have traction, can keep pets from slipping. While not as effective as booties, applying a layer of petroleum jelly to paw pads provides some defense against irritants. Even with protection, always examine paws for irritation after getting back inside.
  • Give your dog or cat a good drying with a towel when they get back indoors, and check each paw for irritants. Make sure no excess snow remains, and bathe your pet if necessary.

A Comfortable Home is Healthy for Everybody

When the temperature outside drops outside, cranking up the heat indoors is an understandable impulse. It is true that a warmer environment is preferable to one that is too cold. However, if the heat is on too high this can cause dry, irritated skin in dogs and cats as well as people. It’s even worse for people or pets who are going outside and inside frequently. This is where a humidifier can come in handy for winter pet care.

Take care of your four legged friends and they will take care of you. It’s a little tricky in the winter, but with proper preparation and attention, it’s not so…ruff!

7 Reasons Dogs Make The Perfect Pet!


7 Reasons dogs perfect pets orange

When you’re thinking about getting a pet, one of the first decisions to make is whether you want a dog or a cat.

Of course, both have their advantages, but if you want a companion who will make you happy every day, improve your lifestyle, and always be there for you… there’s no better choice than a dog!

Here’s Why Dogs Are “The” Perfect Pet

#1 Dogs Improve Your Health

Dogs need exercise on a daily basis, and for many people, the need to take the dog for a walk is much more motivating than visiting the gym (I mean, who likes the gym anyway?)— especially when your little buddy begs you for a walk with his big… sad… puppy dog eyes.

Thanks to your dog, all this physical exercise comes with plenty of benefits, including lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of heart disease, says WebMD. Dogs are also said boost people’s immune system, leading to less days away from school for kids… and fewer missed days of work for adults.

Finally, research has shown that pets lower the likelihood of children developing asthma and allergies. Need we say more?

#2 Dogs Improve Your Mood

Dog lovers know that dogs do everything from giving your life a sense of purpose, to calming you down in stressful situations. Studies have also shown that dogs raise self-esteem, enabling you to better handle difficult situations. Get a mood ring and check the results for yourself 😉

#3 Dogs Encourage You To Be More Social

When walking your dog, you’re bound to run into other dog owners. Even if you’re not generally much of a talker, you’ll find it easy to strike up conversations about your furry friends. It may start with just asking the playmates’ names and ages, but you’ll soon end up sharing dog stories!

#4 Dogs Make Great Burglar Alarms

All breeds are naturally watchdogs. They seem to know from a young age to identify unusual sounds and warn their owners of potential danger. Although large dogs are typically best suited for the job of watch dog, (because of their formidable bark) even small dogs can help keep a home safe.

Be safe from burglars and bad guys…but also safe from bad squirrels, trouble making birds, pizza delivery people and the ever present “sketchy” looking postman. Dogs = great burglar alarms.

#5 Dogs Are Fun

Whether you want to stay in, or go out, you’re sure to have a good time when you have a dog at your side. These playful animals love to engage with indoor games and are also eager to take trips to the park for running, exploring and training.

It is important to mention that dogs are always doing silly things to make you laugh. They can be a constant source of unexpected amusement. There is proof on YouTube that some can even chase their tails!

On a similar note, have you seen the video of the terrier driving the little kid around in the toy car…I mean come on, a cat can’t do that!

#6 Dogs Are Great Communicators

No one understands you better than your dog. Dogs are in tune with their owner’s body language and appear to know how you are feeling… even when no one else does. They are happy to see you and ready to provide comfort if you’ve had a bad day. Pay attention to your dog and you’ll know how he is feeling, too.

Dogs express themselves well; and are loyal, and honest to a fault. When they get into trouble, ask them “who made the mess” and watch their ears and tail closely. The ears, and the tail, give it away.

#7 Dogs Teach You To Be A Better Person

Having a dog does require some responsibility and patience. At times, you will need to think of your dog’s needs before your own. Having to juggle responsibilities can be a good exercise for developing character — along the way, dog owners can become more selfless and better friends to others.

To be fair, some dogs can be sloppy eaters and drinkers. Here is where the responsibilities and patience come in.

Fortunately, there are products available to solve for messy habits and enable you to maintain healthy relationships with your pet. One such solution is our very own Neater Feeder bowl — it keeps food and water in, so you can spoil the dog and not the expensive hardwood floor!

Viola! 7 legitimate reasons that dogs make “the” perfect pet. What do you think, are they the best or what?

7 Reasons A Cat Makes The Purr fect Pet


7 Reasons cats perfect pets limeA furry little friend can really liven up the day, add joy to your life and put a smile on your face. Everyone has their own needs though, so while a dog might prove best for some, cats are often the perfect pet for others. If you are considering a cat, here are 7 reasons why a cat makes the perfect pet for you and your household.

1. Cats Love To Play, Without Rough Housing

Animals love to play. It is part of their nature. Dogs and cats are playful creatures at heart. However, many dogs are simply too rambunctious for some homeowners. Maybe you live in an apartment where noise is an issue. Perhaps you have a young child and don’t want to introduce an overly playful, heavy dog. Whatever the reason, cats are still playful and are incredibly fun to watch. Best of all, they won’t make much noise or hurt anyone in the process.

2. They Have That Purr 😉

Is there anything like the purr of a cat? Having a purring cat sit on your lap can be both relaxing and satisfying. It might just put you right asleep. Most children love to proclaim “the cat is purring” and you’ll always know when your kitty is happy…the purr!

3. You Know When Cats Like You

The thing about dogs is, well most dogs love everyone. They are just happy to be around people.

A cat, on the other hand, will let you know whether they like you or not. They will come up to you, sit on your lap and even cuddle with you while you sleep. If the cat doesn’t care for you, they’ll hide under the couch… or just leave the room.

To be fair… a dog liking you is great, but when a cat likes you, it’s because you have earned their trust and affection!

4. They Are Litter-Box Trained

Whether it involves taking a dog outside in the rain, walking down a dozen flights of stairs or being woken up in the dead of night, taking an animal outside to do “their business” isn’t for everyone.

With a cat, you don’t need to worry about it. A cat takes care of their business in a litter-box. So, stay under those covers while the neighbor is forced to take the dog out! There are also some creative tools to help pet owners keep litter boxes safe and clean with no fuss. We have a Neater Scooper that many people find helpful.

5. Cats Are More Self-Sufficient

Do you like to go out, or are you required to travel for work? Your cat is perfectly fine staying on their own for a day or so. They have their food, water and a place to use the bathroom. Pet care is easier for you and your cat. Which brings us to #6.

6. They Are Easy To Take Care Of

Feline are much easier to care for when compared to their dog counterparts. They groom themselves, so baths are not necessary (although if you have significant allergies you might want to consider it), and unless you have a long-haired variety, brushing isn’t necessary either. Outside of taking your kitty to the vet and showing them your love, and keeping their litter-box clean, there isn’t all that much you need to do.

7. You Could Get A “Two for One”

Animals live longer when they have a companion (not counting you). It’s a proven fact. For that reason alone, two kittens at once might be perfect for you! It really doesn’t add to your level of work, yet they keep each other happy and entertained.

Most people have their own idea of what makes for the perfect type of pet. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, we think there are WAY more reasons than 7… that a cat is the purr fect pet.

Neater Scooper Now Available


The Neater Scooper is now available on

Polar Bowl on QVC


The Polar Bowl will be featured on  tomorrow (7/30/14) morning between 7AM & 9AM ET.  Make sure you tune in to check it out!

The Polar Bowl is Neater Pet Brand’s stainless steel freezer bowl for dogs & cats to keep their water cold for hours!  It is available in four sizes: Small, Medium, & Large.

The Small Polar Bowl holds up to 14 ounces of water and will keep your pets’ water cold for up to 5 hours.  It can be used by itself or with the Cat or Small Neater Feeders.

The Medium Polar Bowl holds up to 28 ounces of water and will keep your pets’ water cold for up to 9 hours.  It can be used by itself or with the Neater Feeder Deluxe for Medium Dogs.

The Large Polar Bowl holds up to 58 ounces of water and will keep your pets’ water cold for up to 9 hours.  It can be used by itself or with either the Neater Feeder Express for Medium to Large Dogs or the Neater Feeder Deluxe for Large Dogs.


The Polar Bowl Now Available


The Polar Bowl is now available on!

Polar Bowl – The Freezer Bowl that Keeps your Pet’s Water Cold for Hours!

The Polar Bowl can be used by itself or with the Neater Feeder.

Pets love cold water! Show your furry friends you really care! Proper hydration is a critical component of your pet’s health, especially during warm weather or periods of high activity. Providing fresh, cold water is a great way to encourage your pet to drink.

Features & Benefits:
  • Double walled stainless steel freezer bowl
  • Put it in the freezer & upon removal the gel core will keep your pets water cold for hours.
  • This means your pet can enjoy fresh, cool water inside or out without ice cubes that can melt in just minutes
  • Colder water is actually healthier for your pets, because it encourages proper hydration
  • Holds 14 ounces of water
USE: Place Polar Bowl in freezer for several hours, upon removal fill with fresh cold water and let your pet enjoy! For best results, start with the coldest water possible. Length of cooling effect will vary with ambient air temperature.

CARE: Clean before freezing. Dishwasher safe.

CAUTION: If placed in dishwasher, bowl will become very hot & should be handled with care.

Bowl is made of stainless steel. Gel inside is non-toxic and freezable.

Neater Pet Brands Introduced the Polar Bowl for Pets





Neater Pet Brands Introduced the Polar Bowl for Pets at

Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, March 2014 –

Polar Bowl – the simplest way to keep your pets water icy cold for hours


MALVERN, PA.—April 21, 2014—Fernando Becattini, Jr., President and CEO of Neater Pet Brands was pleased to introduce The Polar Bowl for pets at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando Florida in March.  The Polar Bowl is the easiest way to provide your furry friends with icy cold water on those hot summer days.  Simply pop the stainless steel bowl in the freezer and within hours you will be able to serve your pet an icy cold drink in his own frosty bowl.

The Polar Bowl is a double walled stainless steel bowl with a non-toxic freezable gel core center.  There are other freezer pet bowls on the market but none that are so simple and so reasonable priced.

The Polar Bowl comes in three sizes; the small Polar bowl has a 14 oz capacity  and retails for around  $9.99, the medium Polar Bowl has a 28 oz capacity and retails for around $14.99 and the large Polar Bowl has a 58 oz. capacity and will retail for around $19.99.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Polar Bowl to pet parents who want the best for their pets.  Proper hydration is critical to a pets’ health, especially during warm weather or periods of high activity.” said Becattini, Jr.   “Polar Bowls are standard bowl sizes and will fit perfectly in the appropriate size Neater Feeder which allows your pet to still enjoy the benefits of an elevated feeder. “

The Polar Bowl is easily cleaned and dishwasher safe, visit www.NeaterPet for more information.  For more information regarding this release, media samples, interviews or images, please contact Jackie Becattini at Neater Pet Brands, 800.917.PETS or



About Neater Pet Brands

Headquartered in Malvern, Pa., Neater Pet Brands is the exclusive manufacturer and worldwide distributor of the Neater Feeder™, a revolutionary new pet feeder. The Neater Feeder’s spill-proof and kick-proof design keeps spilled water and food contained, protects floors and walls, and provides a more sanitary and comfortable dining environment for your four-legged

friend. Neater Pet Brands mission is to bring innovative products to market that enhance the joys of pet ownership by making pet care easier and making pets’ lives better. The company is committed to partnering with and supporting groups and organizations that benefit both pets and humans alike. Look for more exciting Neater Pet Brands solution-solving products coming soon.




Halloween Safety Tips


Halloween is a lot of fun for families. Since pets are a part of the family, many people include them in the festivities. Here are some tips to make sure your pets are safe this Halloween:

1) Make sure your pet does not escape. With trick or treaters knocking at the door, it is important to make sure your pet does not get out.

  • Cats: Make sure cats are kept in a quiet room with the door shut. Make sure they have their litter box, Neater Feeder with food & water, toys, and a cozy place they can curl up.
  • Dogs: There are  a few options to make sure your dog stays safely in the house. You should  pick the one that will work best for your dog.
    • Keep your dog  on a leash
    • Keep your dog in his or her crate
    • Gate off the  room where the candy will be handed out (provided your dog cannot jump the gate)
    • Keep your dog in another room with the door closed. Make sure they have their Neater Feeder with food & water, toys, their favorite bed or blanket, etc.
    • Do not leave pets outside unattended, even in a fenced in yard, as they will probably be anxious with all the noise of Halloween.

No matter what, make sure your pet has a collar with your contact information in case they do get out.  If your pet is microchipped, make sure the chip is registered and your information is up to date.

2) Keep the candy out of reach.  Make sure all candy is kept out of your pet’s reach. If you have children, make sure the Halloween candy they collect is always secured somewhere your pet cannot get it.  We know kids like to hide their favorite pieces of candy from their siblings, so make sure they understand that mom or dad needs to approve any hiding spots so your pet is safe.  Chocolate is deadly to pets.  Also, any gum or candy that is artificially sweetened with Xylitol is toxic.  Candy in general, even if not toxic, can give your pet a stomach ache. To be safe, just make sure the only treat your pet eats are made for our furry friends and made in the USA is always best.

3) Make sure their costume is safe! Many people dress their pets up for Halloween.  Pet costumes should not have small buttons or pieces that they could bite off and choke on. Make sure they can easily move and breathe.  Make sure your pet is comfortable and not stressed.  Do not leave costumes on when your pet is unattended, as costumes can get stuck on objects & create a choking hazard or trap your pet.

4) If you take your dog out trick or treating with you, make sure you have a secure collar/harness and leash on them. Keep them close to your side. There will be a lot of people & other pets out and that can make some pets nervous. Don’t let anyone give them treats. Make sure you, your pet, and your little trick or treaters have on a flashing light or reflective tape so drivers can easily see you.

Most of all, have fun and stay safe this Halloween!


Neater Feeder Floor Photo Contest


Want to win a Neater Feeder? E-mail us a picture of your messy, damaged, or ruined floor! Just send the picture to and make sure to put “Floor Photo Contest” in the subject line.  We will be choosing a few pictures to use on our website and possibly our TV commercial. If we use your picture, you will win a free Neater Feeder in the size and color of your choice, plus a free Polar Bowl and a bottle of Zymtastic – our new enzyme powered pet stain & odor remover! Deadline has been extended to 7/31/2013