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Archive for February, 2011

Praise For The Neater Feeder


February is one of my favorite months of the year, as you can tell! I mean there’s Valentine’s Day, Love Your Pet Day and it means spring is right around the corner, so we pets can get back outside to chase the birds and squirrels! What’s not to love about February?

This month, some bloggers have been especially kind to us here at Neater Feeder. We frequently send out Neater Feeder samples for people to try out and they write all sorts of nice things about it on their blogs. We’d like to thank all the bloggers for their showing us the love this month! Here’s a couple shout outs:

Thanks to the Total German Shepherd for your awesome review of the Neater Feeder, we love your blog! Check out what they had to say here.

We’d also like to thank Susan Heim for her wonderful write up about the Neater Feeder on her parenting blog! It’s a great read, check it out!

If you have a blog and would like to write about the Neater Feeder or try a sample, contact us – we’ll hook you up!

The Original Sloppy Dog

Celebrate Love Your Pet Day


Last Sunday, February 20 was Love Your Pet Day, one of my favorite holidays!  Did your owners show you a little extra love last Sunday for Love Your Pet Day? Mine sure did! I got some special treats and of course lots of extra attention.

Perhaps your owners spent a little extra time with their human friends for Valentine’s Day, but last weekend was all about giving us some extra attention! If they forgot about Love Your Pet Day it’s never too late for a belated gift so be sure and tell them that you still want to celebrate. It’s the perfect time to hint at the favorite toy you have been eyeing at the pet store, or that super giant treat you want to gobble up. Also, if you don’t already have a Neater Feeder, ask for that too! It’s the gift that will benefit both you and your owners.

Pet Parents, what did you do for your pet on Love Your Pet Day? Send me your stories and I’ll share them with other pets right here on the Neater Feeder Blog!


The Original Sloppy Dog

Neater Feeder Winner


Esper Loves The Cat Neater Feeder


Solo The Cat Wins A Neater Feeder


Hello Friends! Recently I announced that we had donated a Neater Feeder to be given away for the monthly content on the Floppy Cats Blog!

The winner Anna, wrote us a wonderful thank you note that I would love to share with you. Anna has 8 cats, so she spent a lot of time cleaning up meal messes, but not anymore. All of her 8 cats love the Cat Neater Feeder. She even sent us some photos of some of her adorable cats, Solo, Julio & Esper!

Julio Trys The Neater Feeder

Julio Loves The Neater Feeder

The feeder arrived on Thursday and I have it set up. It’s a great design! Julio is suspicious of new things and it took him a minute to check it out and decide it’s OK. I’m putting the most popular food in it since that is the biggest mess maker. You’ll have to excuse the messy background. 8 cats suck up a lot of time and cleaning is at the bottom of my list! LOL!! I’ve included a nice picture of Solo. He’s the one who might be part ragdoll. We call him the dog because he acts like one most of the time. I also included a pic of Esper for you to see her favorite position. She’s daddy’s precious girl.

Thanks again to you and the Neater Feeder folks!


Congrats again Anna on your win, I’m so glad you and the cats are loving your Neater Feeder! Many thanks for the kind letter and photos!


The Original Sloppy Dog

Keeping America’s Floors Clean


Did anyone’s owners make a resolution to have cleaner floors, or “teach” you pets how to become neater eaters back in January? Now that it’s a bit past January, we wanted to check and see how that task was coming along. No so good, right?

Well, save them some trouble and show them the Neater Feeder website, where you can order a Neater Feeder that will keep your parent’s floors clean and make you look like a neater eater!

This feeder really helped transform me from a sloppy eater to a neat eater immediately. The unique two container system actually contains and separates our spilled food and water. The food is contained in the top level, while water collects in the lower reservoir. Your owner won’t have to worry about food and water spills staining or damaging their precious floors or walls.

Plus the Neater Feeder’s ergonomic design will help improve our posture and digestion while reducing neck and joint strain. It’s available in 3 sizes for all size dogs, cats, puppies and kittens so we can all eat comfortably and neatly!

Ask your owners for one today, you won’t be disappointed and neither will they!

The Original Sloppy Dog

Neater Feeder: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift!


Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for your pet, or a pet lover? You are in luck because the Neater Feeder is the perfect way to show your pet how much you love them this v-day!

The Neater Feeder ranks among many (including Howard Stern’s wife) as the perfect gift for those with messy pets – show your significant other how much you not only love them, but their pet by gifting a Neater Feeder.

The Neater Feeder Mess-Proof Pet Feeder will take the mess away from mealtime for dogs that tend to get water all over the floor and for cats that like to play with their food more than eat it. This one-of-a-kind pet dish will keep all their food neatly in its place and not on the ground.

The elevated bowl allows for more comfort as your pet eats, and it helps improve digestion and reduce head and neck strain. It also prevents unwanted pests like ants from getting into the bowl or sneaking crumbs. This raised pet feeder essentially pays for itself with all the money you will save on food that will not go wasted thanks to this new pet feeder. So surprise your pet, or a pet owner you know with a Neater Feeder this Valentine’s Day!

Happy Gifting,

Duke, The Original Sloppy Dog

Neater Feeder Giveaways


Whew! I am one tired dog! I was busy last month helping to promote the Neater Feeder at the North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando, FL. It was at this popular event that I helped Neater Feeder announce our new Retail Sales Program! It’s a great new program for veterinarians to conveniently offer The Neater Feeder to their clients.

Neater Feeder already has many veterinarian clinics that sell it but not every office has the space or time to handle retails sales, so we developed this program to enable veterinarians to generate retail sales revenue with no investment, no inventory and no paperwork while offering their clients an award-winning product that makes life with pets easier.

Earlier in the month, we donated a Cat Neater Feeder to be raffled at the Lucky Tom Cat Show in St. Louis, Missouri. This is a huge cat show put on by one of our favorite organizations, The Cat Fancier Association.

Finally, we also donated a Neater Feeder to the Floppy Cat Blog for their monthly giveaway! You can get more information about this and other events and giveaways on our Press Page.

Well friends, I’ve got to get back to work…it’s tough being a spokes-dog!


The Original Sloopy Dog

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