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Archive for May, 2011

Give Mom the Gift of Clean Floors


Everyone knows that moms love a clean house. I know when I was a pup my mom would have to run around after me cleaning up all my sloppy messes.  I really lived up to my name Duke “The Original Sloppy Dog.” The Neater Feeder pet feeding system helped me clean up my act at meal time, making less mess for my mom to have to clean, making her a very happy lady.

Buy your mom a Neater Feeder this Mother’s Day and you can’t go wrong. The Neater Feeder mess proof pet feeder will help mom keep her floors and walls safe from spills and messy accidents that can happen. Your mom will also love the sleek design of the Neater Feeder and be happy she won’t have to hide it when guests come over. Give the gift of clean floors to mom for Mother’s Day with the Neater Feeder. Plus it’s a gift you can enjoy too!

I hope everyone has a fun filled, happy Mother’s Day!

The Original Sloppy Dog

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