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Archive for October, 2013

Halloween Safety Tips


Halloween is a lot of fun for families. Since pets are a part of the family, many people include them in the festivities. Here are some tips to make sure your pets are safe this Halloween:

1) Make sure your pet does not escape. With trick or treaters knocking at the door, it is important to make sure your pet does not get out.

  • Cats: Make sure cats are kept in a quiet room with the door shut. Make sure they have their litter box, Neater Feeder with food & water, toys, and a cozy place they can curl up.
  • Dogs: There are  a few options to make sure your dog stays safely in the house. You should  pick the one that will work best for your dog.
    • Keep your dog  on a leash
    • Keep your dog in his or her crate
    • Gate off the  room where the candy will be handed out (provided your dog cannot jump the gate)
    • Keep your dog in another room with the door closed. Make sure they have their Neater Feeder with food & water, toys, their favorite bed or blanket, etc.
    • Do not leave pets outside unattended, even in a fenced in yard, as they will probably be anxious with all the noise of Halloween.

No matter what, make sure your pet has a collar with your contact information in case they do get out.  If your pet is microchipped, make sure the chip is registered and your information is up to date.

2) Keep the candy out of reach.  Make sure all candy is kept out of your pet’s reach. If you have children, make sure the Halloween candy they collect is always secured somewhere your pet cannot get it.  We know kids like to hide their favorite pieces of candy from their siblings, so make sure they understand that mom or dad needs to approve any hiding spots so your pet is safe.  Chocolate is deadly to pets.  Also, any gum or candy that is artificially sweetened with Xylitol is toxic.  Candy in general, even if not toxic, can give your pet a stomach ache. To be safe, just make sure the only treat your pet eats are made for our furry friends and made in the USA is always best.

3) Make sure their costume is safe! Many people dress their pets up for Halloween.  Pet costumes should not have small buttons or pieces that they could bite off and choke on. Make sure they can easily move and breathe.  Make sure your pet is comfortable and not stressed.  Do not leave costumes on when your pet is unattended, as costumes can get stuck on objects & create a choking hazard or trap your pet.

4) If you take your dog out trick or treating with you, make sure you have a secure collar/harness and leash on them. Keep them close to your side. There will be a lot of people & other pets out and that can make some pets nervous. Don’t let anyone give them treats. Make sure you, your pet, and your little trick or treaters have on a flashing light or reflective tape so drivers can easily see you.

Most of all, have fun and stay safe this Halloween!


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