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How to Cat Proof the Litter Box


Cat Proof The Litter Box

When it comes to cat care, tending to the litter box is probably the least popular chore. One of the main reasons is having to deal with waste material. Another major factor is how messy and inefficient the process tends to be.

Let’s be realistic, if you have a litter box that contains yucky cat mess, it will probably still be a chore you don’t like. But in reality, it can be made to take considerably less time and create minimal mess.

Combine Scooping and Bagging into a Single Step

Though it may be difficult to imagine at first, these two actions can be combined into a simple and easy operation. The Neater Scooper Cat Litter Scoop is a good example of how this is possible. The scooper and bag are part of the same unit, so you don’t have to hold onto the bag with one hand as you scoop.

Nor do you have to worry about the contents of the scooper spilling over onto the surrounding area. It’s fast, easy, and reduces the amount of mess you have to deal with. Feel better?

Maybe Try a Trap Door

This idea actually has two functions: purchasing a litter box with the “trap door feature” reduces the mess and gives your cat privacy. Cats aren’t shy about a lot of things, but there are a large number that don’t like to be watched when doing their business.

A trap door gives them privacy. It also makes it a lot harder for your cat to make a mess around the litter box because the walls are higher than normal. Using a litter box will always include some mess, but the trap door helps to keep most of the litter box contents in the box.

If you also have a dog, there is a third benefit. This type of litter box makes it much harder for the dog to get to the litter. It can be maddening to find that the dog has gotten into the litter box again and spread litter all around the house. Sometimes cat care, and the litter box… can be more about dog-proofing than anything else!

Use the Right Kind of Litter Box Bags

It’s easy to feel justified in using old grocery bags, or cheapo garbage bags, for the litter box. You may feel like it saves some bucks, but in the long run, it probably works against you.

For starters, those bags don’t stand up to a cat’s claws very well. Cats are going to be scratching and pawing around the litter box and the bags are going to rip. When you go to clean the litter box, it’s going to get messy! Go with something sturdy and save time in the long run.

Put the Litter Box Somewhere Calm

This one is more about the location of the box than the box itself, but it is still an excellent way to reduce the mess. Cats are notoriously easy to distract, so it’s best to have the litter box somewhere that is less exciting.

If you spend a lot of time in the laundry room or have the machines going constantly, consider moving the litter box somewhere with less traffic and distractions.

Granted, you are probably somewhat limited in your choice for litter box locations (you don’t want it on carpet or in your bedroom, yikes!) but if you can find somewhere remote, that might just help reduce the mess.

We love our cats too much to be stressed about pet care. Use these tips to make the litter box cat proof, and what used to be a chore, won’t feel like one.

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