April Pet Shows


Duke's TravelsYet again, this Spokesdog has been holding down the fort here in Pennsylvania as my owners traveled down to Atlantic City, NJ for the 23rd Annual H.H. Backer Spring 2011 Pet Industry Trade Expo and Educational Conference.

This sold-out pet expo is one of the biggest pet shows of the year, and the Neater Feeder was lucky enough to have one of the 560 booths among 315 other pet retailers.

My owners were really excited to promote the new Medium sized Neater Feeder pet feeding system, and to educate 5,000 potential retailers about how the Neater Feeder works to protect floors and walls from pet food and water spills.

You can check out the full press release for further details on our appearance at the show on our press page.

Check back on the blog to see where my owners will be traveling next – perhaps it will be a city near you. They love meeting neat pets and their owners as they travel across the country promoting the Neater Feeder!


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