Celebrate Love Your Pet Day


Last Sunday, February 20 was Love Your Pet Day, one of my favorite holidays!  Did your owners show you a little extra love last Sunday for Love Your Pet Day? Mine sure did! I got some special treats and of course lots of extra attention.

Perhaps your owners spent a little extra time with their human friends for Valentine’s Day, but last weekend was all about giving us some extra attention! If they forgot about Love Your Pet Day it’s never too late for a belated gift so be sure and tell them that you still want to celebrate. It’s the perfect time to hint at the favorite toy you have been eyeing at the pet store, or that super giant treat you want to gobble up. Also, if you don’t already have a Neater Feeder, ask for that too! It’s the gift that will benefit both you and your owners.

Pet Parents, what did you do for your pet on Love Your Pet Day? Send me your stories and I’ll share them with other pets right here on the Neater Feeder Blog!


The Original Sloppy Dog

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  1. Joan says:

    I love my pet and the neater feeder very much!

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