Neater Feeder Facebook Giveaway


When we hit 10,000 likes on facebook, we will giveaway 1 free Neater Feeder to a lucky facebook fan! If you haven’t already, like us on facebook! If you are already a fan, encourage your friends and family to like us as well!

7 Responses to “Neater Feeder Facebook Giveaway”

  1. michelle says:

    The large Neater Feeder would be great for my boxer when he is older.

  2. joyce stokes says:

    This looks like an awesome product!!! I always find the water on the floor when I put on a clean pair of socks…. I am going to have to look into the neater feeder!!!!!

  3. April Dawn says:

    A small neater feeder in cranberry would be great for my cat Bubba!

  4. Brandy Blake says:

    The medium Neater Feeder would be best for my two dogs, one is a small Maltese and the other is a large Husky. The small one, Aspen, never makes a mess, but the big one, Ricco, gets water every where when he drinks so this would be perfect to keep my hard wood floors clean.

  5. Debbie Taylor says:

    The large feeder looks awesome!

  6. Sheri Harris says:

    The medium neater feeder any color would be great

  7. lesa barone says:

    would absolutely love the medium burgundy colored neater feeder. thank you for such a nice giveaway

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