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Esper Loves The Cat Neater Feeder


Solo The Cat Wins A Neater Feeder


Hello Friends! Recently I announced that we had donated a Neater Feeder to be given away for the monthly content on the Floppy Cats Blog!

The winner Anna, wrote us a wonderful thank you note that I would love to share with you. Anna has 8 cats, so she spent a lot of time cleaning up meal messes, but not anymore. All of her 8 cats love the Cat Neater Feeder. She even sent us some photos of some of her adorable cats, Solo, Julio & Esper!

Julio Trys The Neater Feeder

Julio Loves The Neater Feeder

The feeder arrived on Thursday and I have it set up. It’s a great design! Julio is suspicious of new things and it took him a minute to check it out and decide it’s OK. I’m putting the most popular food in it since that is the biggest mess maker. You’ll have to excuse the messy background. 8 cats suck up a lot of time and cleaning is at the bottom of my list! LOL!! I’ve included a nice picture of Solo. He’s the one who might be part ragdoll. We call him the dog because he acts like one most of the time. I also included a pic of Esper for you to see her favorite position. She’s daddy’s precious girl.

Thanks again to you and the Neater Feeder folks!


Congrats again Anna on your win, I’m so glad you and the cats are loving your Neater Feeder! Many thanks for the kind letter and photos!


The Original Sloppy Dog

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