Win a Free Neater Feeder

Neater Feeder Monthly Giveaway
Like us on Facebook to enter to win a free Neater Feeder! Each month, we will randomly select one of our facebook fans to win a free Neater Feeder in the size & color of their choice. If your pets already have Neater Feeders, you can choose a friend, rescue, or shelter to send the prize to.
While on our facebook page, let us know how the Neater Feeder is working for you and your pet!  You can also post a photo of your pet with their Neater Feeder and we’ll add it to our fans photo album!

9 Responses to “Win a Free Neater Feeder”

  1. Emily Wasiuk says:

    I have one for my dog now, and love it! We are getting a puppy and would love to have another. They are a life saver. We have the large one with leg extensions. Thanks for coming out with this product!

  2. Cherise says:

    We love our Needer Feeder! It has saved me from cleaning a big sloppy mess off of my walls and my floors everyday. Thank you for taking the pet food bowl to a whole new level! We reccomend this product to all pet owners! Ita a brilliant invention and worth every penny!

  3. Mallory H. says:

    Looks really neat! I like how the water goes through to the bottom! I found you on the doggies and stuff blog.

  4. Clare Blakelsee Toll says:

    I would love this my 15 year old dog pushes her food bowl around all the time she always makes a huge mess

  5. Clare Blakelsee Toll says:

    I would also love this in any color.

  6. Lydia Grier says:

    I run an animal rescue and have to clean up after some very sloppy eaters. Having Neat feeders has made my job so much easier. Thank you. I would like brown to match.

  7. Robin R. says:

    I would love to win one of these for our dogs. Our Lab leaves a pool of water every time he drinks and our mutt has to have his food elevated because he was abused prior to our owning him and his o-rings are partially collapsed in his esophagus.

  8. Anissa Harrell says:

    I Love these. I need these. I have 2 indoor dogs. One is a Pit Bull mix. He is huge. His dad is a Hound mix. They are very funny the way they eat, but very messy. Would love to win the Large one.

  9. jr says:

    This is a fantastic product! I wish I had found this while my cats were still living, some of them were quite messy eaters. Another hepful site I found is

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