Keeping America’s Floors Clean


Did anyone’s owners make a resolution to have cleaner floors, or “teach” you pets how to become neater eaters back in January? Now that it’s a bit past January, we wanted to check and see how that task was coming along. No so good, right?

Well, save them some trouble and show them the Neater Feeder website, where you can order a Neater Feeder that will keep your parent’s floors clean and make you look like a neater eater!

This feeder really helped transform me from a sloppy eater to a neat eater immediately. The unique two container system actually contains and separates our spilled food and water. The food is contained in the top level, while water collects in the lower reservoir. Your owner won’t have to worry about food and water spills staining or damaging their precious floors or walls.

Plus the Neater Feeder’s ergonomic design will help improve our posture and digestion while reducing neck and joint strain. It’s available in 3 sizes for all size dogs, cats, puppies and kittens so we can all eat comfortably and neatly!

Ask your owners for one today, you won’t be disappointed and neither will they!

The Original Sloppy Dog

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