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Neater Feeder Facebook Giveaway


When we hit 10,000 likes on facebook, we will giveaway 1 free Neater Feeder to a lucky facebook fan! If you haven’t already, like us on facebook! If you are already a fan, encourage your friends and family to like us as well!

Neater Feeder Express makes London Debut


The Neater Feeder Express made its debut yesterday in London on QVC UK!!

Would you like to appear in a national TV Commercial for the Neater Feeder?


Neater Feeder Fans – Exciting News!

We are shooting a national TV commercial for the Neater Feeder.  We’re looking for fans who’d like a chance to appear in our commercial.  If you love the Neater Feeder and have a great story about how it’s made life with your pet easier, we’d love to hear from you.  We’ll be shooting at our studio in the Clearwater, FL area in late August or early September.  We’re anxious to hear from customers, veterinarians, groomers, pet shop owners, boarding facilities, etc. who have used the Neater Feeder, if you’ll be in the area at that time.

Please e-mail us at with the following information and let us know if you are a customer, vet, pet shop owner, etc.:




Neater Feeder Experience (1-2 sentences)
Please note; there is no pay involved, just the chance to appear in a TV commercial to talk about your experience with the Neater Feeder





Big and Giant Bowls


The Big and Giant Bowls have a huge capacity for food and water so you don’t have to worry about your pet running out of water while you’re away for the day. The Big Bowl holds up to 1.25 Gallons of water and the Giant Bowl holds up to 2.25 Gallons of water.  The Sand Stone & Hunter Green Big and Giant Bowls are made with rice hulls, a renewable resource, making them eco-friendly.  The bowls are raised off the floor, preventing bowl ring stains.  They are designed to fit multiple pets at the same time.  The high walls, sturdy non-tip base, and non-skid feet help reduce spills and keep them from sliding across your floor.  This unique design is both attractive and convenient, as it fits nicely against walls and into corners of your home! Click here for more information or to order a Big or Giant Bowl today!

Extra Capacity Water Bowls


Extra Capacity Water Bowls

Extra capacity water bowls are now available for the Neater Feeder! Big food bowls can lead to overeating, but a big water bowl keeps your pet well hydrated! Click here for more information or to order your extra capacity water bowls!

Win a Free Neater Feeder

Neater Feeder Monthly Giveaway
Like us on Facebook to enter to win a free Neater Feeder! Each month, we will randomly select one of our facebook fans to win a free Neater Feeder in the size & color of their choice. If your pets already have Neater Feeders, you can choose a friend, rescue, or shelter to send the prize to.
While on our facebook page, let us know how the Neater Feeder is working for you and your pet!  You can also post a photo of your pet with their Neater Feeder and we’ll add it to our fans photo album!

Duke – The Story of the Neater Feeder – Inspired by Rescue Dog



The Neater Feeder was inspired by President Fernando Becattini Jr.’s rescue dog, Duke. Here is the story:

For Duke, the third time wasn’t a charm. We’re not exactly sure what Duke did back in 2006 on that two hour drive from Philadelphia to Baltimore to convince his new owners that he was more than they had bargained for. Whatever he did, it was convincing. Duke was only two years old when his third attempt at finding a happy home failed (the couple from Baltimore returned him to the rescue shelter for German Wirehaired Pointers without ever getting him out of their car). Luckily for Duke and for us, the Becattini family came along soon thereafter and Duke finally had a home.

It didn’t take long to understand why his previous owners were less than impressed with Duke. He was a sweet and loveable dog, but he had a nose for finding trouble and absolutely no table manners at all. In fact, on more than one occasion we found Duke, all 95 pounds of him, standing on top of the dinner table eating the leftovers off the plates. We even caught him eating fried eggs out of the frying pan on the stovetop while they were still cooking! However, there was a silver lining in Duke’s sloppy dining habits. The mess Duke and his sister Dakota made when eating and drinking would eventually inspire the creation of the Neater Feeder.

Help rescue dogs, you never know what they might inspire in you!

Neater Pet Brands and Duke featured on NBC Nonstop’s “Dawn’s Pet Project”


Duke here!  Did anyone see me on NBC Nonstop’s “Dawn’s Pet Project” on Tuesday 1/10/2012 or this morning, 1/18/2012?  If so, what did you think?  I was so excited when they came to interview me at our office!  If you missed it, don’t worry!  You can still catch me starring on Dawn’s Pet Project tonight at 10:30 PM!  If you live in the Philadelphia area, tune into Verizon 460 or Comcast 248.  If you live in the Washington DC area, tune into Verizon 460, Comcast 208, or Cox 803.  If you live in the Dallas area, tune into digital channel 5-2, Charter 105, GEUS 126, Grande 280, One Source 801, Time Warner 365, or Verizon 460! 

My episode will be airing:

1/18/2012 at 10:30 PM

1/26/2012 at 9:00 AM

1/26/2012 at 10:30 PM

2/3/2012 at 9:00 AM

2/3/2012 at 10:30 PM

2/6/2012 at 9:00 AM

2/6/2012 at 10:30 PM

Once you see me starring on TV, let me know what you thought!  I hope you enjoy the show!

The Original Sloppy Dog

Give Mom the Gift of Clean Floors


Everyone knows that moms love a clean house. I know when I was a pup my mom would have to run around after me cleaning up all my sloppy messes.  I really lived up to my name Duke “The Original Sloppy Dog.” The Neater Feeder pet feeding system helped me clean up my act at meal time, making less mess for my mom to have to clean, making her a very happy lady.

Buy your mom a Neater Feeder this Mother’s Day and you can’t go wrong. The Neater Feeder mess proof pet feeder will help mom keep her floors and walls safe from spills and messy accidents that can happen. Your mom will also love the sleek design of the Neater Feeder and be happy she won’t have to hide it when guests come over. Give the gift of clean floors to mom for Mother’s Day with the Neater Feeder. Plus it’s a gift you can enjoy too!

I hope everyone has a fun filled, happy Mother’s Day!

The Original Sloppy Dog

Important Pet Safety Holidays


April is a busy month for pet related holidays! This Spokesdog sure loves holidays, especially April pet holidays that allow me to use my Spokesdog status to help the greater pet community. Earlier in the month I posted a blog regarding National Pet Day, which raises awareness and money for pet adoption, one of my favorite causes.

Another favorite cause of mine is pet safety. We often hear about abused, or hurt animals, which is why it’s important to promote pet safety. This April is National Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Month. The ASPCA has been active in this cause for 145 years and has asked everyone to “Go Orange” in the fight against Animal Cruelty. There is a special section on their website where you can find creative ways to “Go Orange”, learn how you can help local pets in your community, and even submit a story and photo of a pet you helped rescue from a tragic situation. They even have a neat Facebook application where you can put a badge on your profile showing you support the cause.

April is also National Pet First Aid Month. This is another important topic, because most pet owners rarely think anything bad could happen to their pet. But, what if your pet was choking on food or a toy and there is no time to get to the vet? It’s important to know the potential hazards your home has to a pet, and ways you can be prepared for such an emergency. You can take a class or get trusted info from organizations such as the Red Cross or PETA. Even the ASPCA has a free pet safety kit you can order online. This kit includes the pet poison control phone number and a pet rescue window decal that alerts emergency personnel that pets are inside your home.

Please take a few minutes to ensure you are prepared for a pet-emergency. We hope it never happens, but in this case it’s better to be safe then sorry!

The Original Sloppy Dog

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