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Duke’s Favorite Pets On The Internet


Yoga french bulldogI don’t know about you, but when my owners are at work, I really like to surf the web! There are so many great pet photos and videos out there that I often lose track of time when I’m web surfing.

I think every month I will share with you some of my favorite pet photos and videos that I have found online!

This weeks theme: exercising dogs! Yoga Dog is pictured here. Click here to see a video of “Skateboard Dog”

April Pet Shows


Duke's TravelsYet again, this Spokesdog has been holding down the fort here in Pennsylvania as my owners traveled down to Atlantic City, NJ for the 23rd Annual H.H. Backer Spring 2011 Pet Industry Trade Expo and Educational Conference.

This sold-out pet expo is one of the biggest pet shows of the year, and the Neater Feeder was lucky enough to have one of the 560 booths among 315 other pet retailers.

My owners were really excited to promote the new Medium sized Neater Feeder pet feeding system, and to educate 5,000 potential retailers about how the Neater Feeder works to protect floors and walls from pet food and water spills.

You can check out the full press release for further details on our appearance at the show on our press page.

Check back on the blog to see where my owners will be traveling next – perhaps it will be a city near you. They love meeting neat pets and their owners as they travel across the country promoting the Neater Feeder!


Duke’s Inbox


Hello friends,

I’ve had a busy day cleaning out my inbox – you wouldn’t believe the amount of emails a Spokesdog gets! My favorite thing about reading emails is hearing from pet owners who are loving the Neater Feeder. It makes me so happy that something I had a part in creating has helped so many others. Below are just a few snippets from some of my favorite emails this month!

“I’m so happy that I finally have a computer so I can express how pleased I am as an owner of 3 Neater Feeders. I have 3 cats and purchased my feeders this past Summer 2010. This is the GREATEST invention…wish I had thought of it myself! The feeders not only allow for portion control but my feeding areas are ALWAYS neat. Clean-up of the feeders is sooooo quick and easy. I can’t tell you enough what a wise decision it was to purchase these Neater Feeders. EVERYONE who has a pet (dog or cat) should have them. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS TERRIFIC PRODUCT!!!! -Lina, Roselle, Illinois

“Our mommy and daddy used to spend so much time everyday cleaning up water that we slopped ALL OVER the floor when we drank from our old water bowls (we are English Bulldogs so we are pretty messy). With the neater feeder, we don’t spill/slop/drip/drool water ALL OVER the floor anymore! Our mommy and daddy think it’s the best purchase ever! Thank you!” – Ty and Puddy Hines

“What a great product!!! I came across the Neater Feeder by accident in a pet store one day and bought one for one of my Golden Retrievers. I loved it so much that I just ordered another one for my other golden. My walls stay clean and no more water on the floor not to mention better digestion because of the elevated height. Good job Neater Feeder. Every dog should be eating out of a Neater Feeder!!!”– R. Saunders

“I love the Neater Feeder. My German Shorthair Pointer used to drip water and drop food all over the floor. Now our floors are clean and dry, and we don’t have to keep a rug in front of his feeder. The feeder is very classy looking and is easy to keep clean. We are fans! Keep those great products coming.” – Deborah S.

If you want me to post your review on the my blog, just send me an quick email!

The Original Sloppy Dog

National Pet ID Week


Hello Pets!

I have a question for you. Do you have an ID tag on your collar or Microchip ID? Is it up to date with current information?

If you said no to either of these questions, you need to ask your owners to read this post! This week, April 18-24 is National Pet ID Week. This week is designed to remind pet parents to ensure all their pets have proper identification in case they ever get lost. Pets who have some type of ID tag have much higher chances of being returned home, instead of a shelter.

The American Humane Association has a great section on their website with all sorts of information about various forms of Pet Identification. It also has helpful information about what to do if your pet does get lost, and what to do if you find a lost pet.

At the very least, all pets should have an ID tag on their collar with their name, owners names, their address and a correct phone number. Many pets also have a vaccination record on a separate tag. Another option is to have a microchip ID tag. This tag provides electronic information about your pet, and some even have a GPS feature, so you can locate your missing pet more quickly. This is something worth asking your vet about – especially if you don’t have a fenced in area, or your pet has a tendency to wander off after those squirrels.

I hope all my pet friends stay safe by ensuring your ID tag is up to date!

The Original Sloppy Dog

Celebrating National Pet Day!


Today is National Pet Day here in the US. This holiday was founded by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Advocate Colleen Paige to help create awareness about pet adoption. Since I was in a few homes before my current owners took me in, I try to spread the word about pet adoption as much as possible.

I would encourage everyone to check out the National Pet Day website for some additional information about pet adoption. I’d also like to truly thank everyone who has adopted pets like me. It’s made a huge difference in my life, and I’ve changed my owners lives too. I know there is a pet out there that can make a difference in your life if you just give them a chance.

If you have already adopted a pet – celebrate it today! There are plenty of ways to celebrate National Pet Day! Visit your local park for a special trip outdoors, surprise your pet with a new toy or favorite treat, or if you have a blog, write a post about pet adoption and help other pets enjoy the adopted life. There’s no better way to celebrate than giving back.

Happy National Pet Day!

The Original Sloppy Dog

Reduce Spring Cleaning With The Neater Feeder


It’s that time of year again, you know… when your human owners are going crazy cleaning the house! I think they call it spring cleaning. It’s that time of year again, you know… when your human owners are going crazy cleaning the house! I think they call it spring cleaning. Yes, spring cleaning is what it is called – I just read online that this week is actually National Spring Cleaning Week.

By using your Neater Feeder pet feeding system daily, you pets out there are helping to reduce your owners’ spring cleaning tasks. Since the kitchen floor and walls surrounding your eating area will remain clean, they can focus on cleaning other areas of the house.

You could also help out your owners during this stressful times by putting your toys away in your toy baskets and wiping your muddy feet caused by spring rains before you come back in the house. I try and do these things as often as possible, and trust me my owners appreciate it. Sometimes I even get a few extra treats for being neat!


The Original Sloppy Dog

March Travels


Duke's TravelsWhew! It’s been another busy month of traveling to pet expos and this spokesdog is in need of a nap.

This month I I’ve had to hold down the fort while my owners traveled to two exciting pet shows and two TV shows to help promote the Neater Feeder. The first pet show they visited was the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago, where they “officially” unveiled the Medium Sized Neater Feeder and it was a big hit!

After they got back from Chicago, I had to quickly help them pack up to fly to Orlando for The Global Pet Expo. At this pet show,  we educated potential retailers about how the Neater Feeder works.

My owners were then off to New York where to stopped by the big morning newscasts! I feel like a true celebri-dog just being a a part of the whole thing. Last Tuesday they stopped by The Today Show and then on Thursday they were featured on The Early Show! Did you see them on TV?

Now they’re home in Pennsylvania with me. We’re soaking up some quality time, and I’m helping to prepare them for the pet shows in April. Stop by and say hi to my folks, they love hearing from you all.  This spokesdog is going to take that well-deserved nap.

The Original Sloppy Dog

Happy National Puppy Day!

2011 National Puppy Day Poster

2011 National Puppy Day Poster, Featuring Bella the 2010 Winner Of "America's Most Beautiful Puppy"

It’s National Puppy Day! This is one of my favorite holidays because it helps remind people to adopt pets like me. I don’t know where I would be if my owners didn’t adopt me. So spreading the word about pet adoption is one way I like to give back.

Whether you are planning to adopt a puppy or are just looking to celebrate the day with your four-legged companion, check out the National Puppy Day’s Official Site. You’ll find lots of goodies on the site, such as the top 20 Puppy Names of 2011 – is your name on the list? My name is on the list!  Also be sure to check the site for the winners of the “America’s Most Beautiful Puppy” Contest – they’ll be announcing the top 3 winners today. You have to check out the Puppy Theater for a collection of funny pet videos from across the internet! And finally, find 50 ways to celebrate National Puppy Day!

In addition to fun things like treating your pet to new treats and toys, a couple of my favorite ideas from the list are:

  • Microchip & I.D. Tag your puppy your puppy so the shelter can locate you if he gets lost.
  • Make sure you have all vaccines and a regular health exam.

I like these ideas because the serve as important health and safety reminders for us pets! Have fun today, celebrating this day for the dogs with your owners! Don’t forget to tell them how much you appreciate them adopting you, I know adoption has changed my life. How will you celebrate National Puppy Day?


The Original Sloppy Dog

What If Cats & Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs?


While I was busy meeting humans at the Chicago Home and Housewares show a couple weeks ago, I learned of a special holiday – What If Cats & Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day. This holiday was created to let our human friends think of the ways the world would be different if we pets had opposable thumbs like our owners.

We would be able to catch tennis balls with our hands, pick up toys with our hands instead of our mouths and so much more. We would probably be a lot neater at meal times because we wouldn’t have to shove our faces into our food dishes. But since we don’t have opposable thumbs and have to eat with our mouths, it’s a good thing we have the Neater Feeder to ensure we aren’t sloppy eaters.

Its sort of a fun concept to think about. Pets, what would you do if you had opposable thumbs?

Enter To Win A Free Neater Feeder!

Small Bronze Neater Feeder

This Small Bronze Neater Feeder Could Be Yours!

Hello Friends,

Here is your chance to win a Neater Feeder! We donated one Neater Feeder to the Chic Galleria for their monthly giveaway, and you have a chance to win it! Simply visit her blog post where you can leave a comment about the Neater Feeder. After you comment on her blog, you can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter for an extra chance to win. Be sure to also like Chic Galleria on Facebook and follow her on Twitter for even more chances to win!  There’s still time to enter, she will choose the winner at the end of March, so be sure to enter today.

Are you interested in having a Neater Feeder for your monthly giveaway or reviewing the Neater Feeder on your blog? Just contact us, and the humans who help us out at Neater Feeder will get all the details straightened out!


The Original Sloppy Dog


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