7 Reasons A Cat Makes The Purr fect Pet


7 Reasons cats perfect pets limeA furry little friend can really liven up the day, add joy to your life and put a smile on your face. Everyone has their own needs though, so while a dog might prove best for some, cats are often the perfect pet for others. If you are considering a cat, here are 7 reasons why a cat makes the perfect pet for you and your household.

1. Cats Love To Play, Without Rough Housing

Animals love to play. It is part of their nature. Dogs and cats are playful creatures at heart. However, many dogs are simply too rambunctious for some homeowners. Maybe you live in an apartment where noise is an issue. Perhaps you have a young child and don’t want to introduce an overly playful, heavy dog. Whatever the reason, cats are still playful and are incredibly fun to watch. Best of all, they won’t make much noise or hurt anyone in the process.

2. They Have That Purr 😉

Is there anything like the purr of a cat? Having a purring cat sit on your lap can be both relaxing and satisfying. It might just put you right asleep. Most children love to proclaim “the cat is purring” and you’ll always know when your kitty is happy…the purr!

3. You Know When Cats Like You

The thing about dogs is, well most dogs love everyone. They are just happy to be around people.

A cat, on the other hand, will let you know whether they like you or not. They will come up to you, sit on your lap and even cuddle with you while you sleep. If the cat doesn’t care for you, they’ll hide under the couch… or just leave the room.

To be fair… a dog liking you is great, but when a cat likes you, it’s because you have earned their trust and affection!

4. They Are Litter-Box Trained

Whether it involves taking a dog outside in the rain, walking down a dozen flights of stairs or being woken up in the dead of night, taking an animal outside to do “their business” isn’t for everyone.

With a cat, you don’t need to worry about it. A cat takes care of their business in a litter-box. So, stay under those covers while the neighbor is forced to take the dog out! There are also some creative tools to help pet owners keep litter boxes safe and clean with no fuss. We have a http://www.neaterpetbrands.com/Neater-Scooper-Cat-Litter-Scoop-s/160.htm Neater Scooper that many people find helpful.

5. Cats Are More Self-Sufficient

Do you like to go out, or are you required to travel for work? Your cat is perfectly fine staying on their own for a day or so. They have their food, water and a place to use the bathroom. Pet care is easier for you and your cat. Which brings us to #6.

6. They Are Easy To Take Care Of

Feline are much easier to care for when compared to their dog counterparts. They groom themselves, so baths are not necessary (although if you have significant allergies you might want to consider it), and unless you have a long-haired variety, brushing isn’t necessary either. Outside of taking your kitty to the vet and showing them your love, and keeping their litter-box clean, there isn’t all that much you need to do.

7. You Could Get A “Two for One”

Animals live longer when they have a companion (not counting you). It’s a proven fact. For that reason alone, two kittens at once might be perfect for you! It really doesn’t add to your level of work, yet they keep each other happy and entertained.

Most people have their own idea of what makes for the perfect type of pet. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, we think there are WAY more reasons than 7… that a cat is the purr fect pet.

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  1. Arielson says:

    A cat is the best pet you can have. A cat’s purrs are therapeutic. Having a cat at home makes you happier and healthier.

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