7 Reasons Dogs Make The Perfect Pet!


7 Reasons dogs perfect pets orange

When you’re thinking about getting a pet, one of the first decisions to make is whether you want a dog or a cat.

Of course, both have their advantages, but if you want a companion who will make you happy every day, improve your lifestyle, and always be there for you… there’s no better choice than a dog!

Here’s Why Dogs Are “The” Perfect Pet

#1 Dogs Improve Your Health

Dogs need exercise on a daily basis, and for many people, the need to take the dog for a walk is much more motivating than visiting the gym (I mean, who likes the gym anyway?)— especially when your little buddy begs you for a walk with his big… sad… puppy dog eyes.

Thanks to your dog, all this physical exercise comes with plenty of benefits, including lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of heart disease, says WebMD. Dogs are also said boost people’s immune system, leading to less days away from school for kids… and fewer missed days of work for adults.

Finally, research has shown that pets lower the likelihood of children developing asthma and allergies. Need we say more?

#2 Dogs Improve Your Mood

Dog lovers know that dogs do everything from giving your life a sense of purpose, to calming you down in stressful situations. Studies have also shown that dogs raise self-esteem, enabling you to better handle difficult situations. Get a mood ring and check the results for yourself 😉

#3 Dogs Encourage You To Be More Social

When walking your dog, you’re bound to run into other dog owners. Even if you’re not generally much of a talker, you’ll find it easy to strike up conversations about your furry friends. It may start with just asking the playmates’ names and ages, but you’ll soon end up sharing dog stories!

#4 Dogs Make Great Burglar Alarms

All breeds are naturally watchdogs. They seem to know from a young age to identify unusual sounds and warn their owners of potential danger. Although large dogs are typically best suited for the job of watch dog, (because of their formidable bark) even small dogs can help keep a home safe.

Be safe from burglars and bad guys…but also safe from bad squirrels, trouble making birds, pizza delivery people and the ever present “sketchy” looking postman. Dogs = great burglar alarms.

#5 Dogs Are Fun

Whether you want to stay in, or go out, you’re sure to have a good time when you have a dog at your side. These playful animals love to engage with indoor games and are also eager to take trips to the park for running, exploring and training.

It is important to mention that dogs are always doing silly things to make you laugh. They can be a constant source of unexpected amusement. There is proof on YouTube that some can even chase their tails!

On a similar note, have you seen the video of the terrier driving the little kid around in the toy car…I mean come on, a cat can’t do that!

#6 Dogs Are Great Communicators

No one understands you better than your dog. Dogs are in tune with their owner’s body language and appear to know how you are feeling… even when no one else does. They are happy to see you and ready to provide comfort if you’ve had a bad day. Pay attention to your dog and you’ll know how he is feeling, too.

Dogs express themselves well; and are loyal, and honest to a fault. When they get into trouble, ask them “who made the mess” and watch their ears and tail closely. The ears, and the tail, give it away.

#7 Dogs Teach You To Be A Better Person

Having a dog does require some responsibility and patience. At times, you will need to think of your dog’s needs before your own. Having to juggle responsibilities can be a good exercise for developing character — along the way, dog owners can become more selfless and better friends to others.

To be fair, some dogs can be sloppy eaters and drinkers. Here is where the responsibilities and patience come in.

Fortunately, there are products available to solve for messy habits and enable you to maintain healthy relationships with your pet. One such solution is our very own Neater Feeder bowl — it keeps food and water in, so you can spoil the dog and not the expensive hardwood floor!

Viola! 7 legitimate reasons that dogs make “the” perfect pet. What do you think, are they the best or what?

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